M.G.R and his songs

What is that makes every human, think he is waking up on the wrong side of the ‘luck’ couch. Well as Woody allen says ‘Life is full of misery loneliness and sorrow, and its allover quite too soon’ . That holds true . We need sorrow to cherish the happiness.

Blue is the color my friends,the yellow sunshine should last for a glimpsing moment and so it does. And if you do have that moment, relish in it, for it lasts then and then only .

Very few personalities can give us those moments to relish, M.G.Ramachandran former chief minsiter of Tamil Nadu ( most urbanised state in India) being one such personality.

No kidding, but whenever i used to be hearing classic tamil songs on TV my mom used to make me hear to his songs. I developed a taste to his songs from her. Today i do realize why his songs transcend generations, its bcoz it quenches the thirst amongst all of us to have the moment of hope and fullfillment .His songs do give us those moments to relish. I call the songs MGR acted in as his songs, because its a well know factor that MGR took extra care in the lyrics department which is out of bounds for the actor. However MGR understood the importance .

here are some of my fav MGR songs …

Enna than nadakum