The Muse

“So is it not with me as with that Muse,
Stirred by a painted beauty to his verse”  – Shakespeare Sonnet 21 

How closely are your mojo and your muse related ? Contemporary definitions of mojo and muse are never interrelated , surprising to the author they don’t even find a mention together in any reproduction attributed to the scholars , philosophers in the world. May be more so (and correctly so) because the words themselves are extrapolated from different generations. So here is an humble attempt to understand the two in each others context , fully conscious of the (doltish)coupling of a word that derives itself from Greek civilization , and the other that returns multiple definitions at most on urbandictionary.

First things first,  how do we define Mojo? Well one must admit, how do you define what you cant measure , express , see ? Does it really reflect a ” magical spell or talisman  ” as the Oxford defines it , and if so how much of veritable emotion can it be , that derives from something as veritable as magic?  One can reason, one does feel the existence of his / her mojo  and more pertinently the absence of it, but doesn’t the same hold for love , admiration, motivation , anger , jealousy, revenge the emotions of one’s subconscious, or happiness and unhappiness the emotions of one’s conscious? And is it really qualified to say a person feels the mojo, at best the person rides on it or misses it.

The author would like to attribute the presence and absence of ones mojo to existence of all these other feelings, magical as much as love they be, demonic as much as jealousy they be. The author believes Mojo exists in what  Sigmund Freud calls the Unconscious mind, the part that’s beyond and escapes introspection . So the best we can muster together as a definition , is : “Mojo is the emotion beyond one’s introspection, that resides in one’s unconscious mind , and which feeds the other emotions that surface in the conscious and sub conscious.”  The magic does exist , precisely more because its beyond introspection, and what you cant introspect or reason does qualify to be magical !

Obviously the question arrises , if indeed Mojo feeds the subconscious and conscious emotions, what is that feeds Mojo ? Which brings us to the  definition  of “Muse”. From the Greek Goddess , to what Fernande Oliver was to Pablo Picasso , or to what Chloe Sevigny expresses in the quote Muse. Mu-se. It’s a great thing, for someone to feel that they can draw inspiration from you. And I don’t think it’s necessarily a man ‘taking’ from a woman. It can go both ways, both can stimulate, excite.”  , there are a plethora of definitions available. However its the authors belief , that restricting of muse to “human inspirations” is not sufficient and in fact a narrow definition, for a muse can be an aspiration .

The interesting thing about the muse , is that it has three stages – “You have a muse” , ” The muse forfeits you “, “Absence of a muse” . The former two , indicate presence of mojo , the later the absence . Its also necessary to understand , the muse is available for your introspection. It resides in you conscious , you make the decision to select your muse. And the muse in itself doesnt feed your mojo directly, it for a lack of a better term impacts your mojo. Consider this , a girl interested in blogs might write odes to her prince charming , or she sings inconsolably when the muse forfeits her. A moment without your muse is dark , you are incomplete , the half of you is with your muse ( the half that you may call your mojo). The muse is perfect !

The more interesting part is that your muse may not reciprocate your emotions. Precisely this is why you see a person in a relationship , where the person knows the partner loves him / her is unable to reciprocate , which in other situations the person in her / his mojo will ride the boundaries like a knight on a stallion besides Napolean. The person might find everything about the muse surreal , and the others insignificant. Essentially the person is just impacting the mojo , The muse is impacting the mojo ! How many times have you met people who earn a lot , have the best job but are unhappy , may be the persons muse is not his / her job. If your job is your muse , if your partner is your muse , you will ride your career , relationship like the ships on a clear blue sky , sailing on pleasent winds. If not , you are that ship waiting for the albatross.

So how do we decide whats our muse , the answer to this is as simple as the answer to the question “How do we know we exist ? ” .  René Descartes answered the question ” how do i know i exist ? ” something like this :

I think,therefore I am

The author believes some one is your muse , because you think him / her / it is.

You think,therefore Its your muse” !

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